From the recording Shadow Of A Lie

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Marian Simmons BMI
Donn Halliburton at On Fire Productions - BMI

Melodic Rock:mid-tempo: break-up, love, lies


Shadow of a Lie
Marian Simmons
ISRC: ushm92185449

You feed me poison then you beg me to forgive
You cry I am your only reason to live

It doesn’t take me long to see your lying again
Twisting the truth until it fits

Pre-Chorus: Fear thrust on my in the dark
Doesn’t hold me here anymore

Chorus: I have half a mind to leave
And half a heart to cry
If I stay I will be
Living in the shadow of a lie

I know you haven’t a clue
Who you are
How you came to be here
Or why

The past haunts you like a critical eye
And you defend it until you would die


Break: You search for love
Then break it at every turn
Hold your hand in the fire and watch it burn